jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

One Direction and MUA Makeup

Hi everybody!

Well, we all know or maybe hear about this, but I still very shocked about the news of a makeup line by One Direction in collaboration with MUA.
By the moment I haven´t tried nothing, but I´m very curious about the lipsticks. I want to try them, but by the moment I didn´t find it on any store.
The collection has nail polishes, lipsticks, lip polish and cheek tints. All of the colors are suposed to be chosen by the guys of the band, or at least inspired by them. The lip polishes are the favourite flavours of the guys and the lipsticks are named with their song´s names.
For me it´s so funny, because I remember that one of their songs says "no need makeup to cover up, being the way that you are is enough" and now they have makeup products. It´s very confusing.
Well, here are all the products:

Promotional image of the makeup line:

Nail polishes, I´m sorry I can´t find all the names, just the one by Liam Payne that is "Everything Emerald" and the one by Niall Horan that is "Gold & Gorgeous"

The lip polishes: Harry loves Strawberry, Zayn loves Watermelon, Louis loves Vanilla, Niall loves Cherry and Liam loves Blueberry.

The cheek tints: Coral Cutie, Pink Explosion and Rose Riot

The lipsticks: all signed by the guys from left to right, Moments, I Wish, I Want, Rock Me and Be Mine.

Well, this is all guys. What are your thoughts on this collection? I think it has a lot of great products, even it´s like merchandising for the fans.

See you on the next post!


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