martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Back to Basics!

Hi everyone!!

Well, the other day I talk to you about my new foundation of Revlon, and how much I liked it. But lately I´ve been back to one foundation that have been on my makeup set for a long time, that I´ve used for a very long time and now, with this hot days I remember why I loved it so much and I began to use it again.

I know that for a lot (and I includ myself in that lot) this foundation is a Holy Grail. Is the one and only "Face and Body" by MAC.

This foundation comes in almost every single skin color, from the fairest to the darkest ones. And what I like the most of this foundation is that you have the whole range of colors for a pink undertoned skins and for yellow undertoned skins.

I discovered this foundation a long time ago, almost when I started to do makeup, but I never buy it because I wasn´t sure about it. So one day, I was in a serious need of foundation for a catwalk, so I wen to MAC to get something. I am so lucky that I know a lot of the makeup artist that work in there, so when one of them recommend me to get the "Face and Body" I didn´t doubt it for a second. I got the C1 and the C5, because you can play with the colors, mix it and get the perfect tone of foundation for yourt model/client. The MAC girl also told me to try it on myself and tell her how it worked for that long day of work in the catwalk.

It turned out that I covered all the shades of skins that I have to work with that day (I got a lot of different models, from a very fair skin to a very dark tan one) and for the photos that they got it looks perfect. There were another makeup artist that didn´t use this foundation and the majority got flashback on camera. So I got very excited when the photographers told me I did a very good job with the makeup. Also the models were extremely happy about the skin effect.

From me, that day I did what the MAC girl recommend me, I put two layers of the foundation, apply some Mineralize Skinfinish and in the end of the day, the foundation looked very good! (more than 14 hours, for me was a record!) I used a Buffing Brush from Real Techniques to to apply it.

I began to used it almost for my everyday makeup routine, but I wanted to try more foundations, so I left this one on my kit, and get another ones.

After all this hot days, I was thinking on get a new foundation, when I remember I have the "Face and Body". Obviously I didn´t get a new one, and since that day, I´m wearing that one every single day that I do my makeup. The only thing you have to be very careful is to work it very well on the skin and apply podwer on top, because it tend to shine a lot if you don´t podwer it correctly.

So if you´re looking for a foundation that doesn´t have flashback, for any skin color and that is buildable for color and coverage (this foundation has light to medium coverage, so the more you layer, the more coverage you get) this one is a great option! And now you have smaller size, perfect for single use of a person. ( the big size has 120 ml in the bottle and the smaller one has 50 ml) And for those who works with white foundation, they also have a white version on the bigger size.

Hope you like the post, see you on the next one!

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