sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

Hi everyone!

Well, I am here today with another review. The last issue of Marie Claire (of August) have as a gift this month a Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner by Eyeko, and after hearing a lot of comments about it, I decided to get the magazine and try out the eyeliner.

I have to say that all the things that I heard, read and watch about this eyeliner where amazing. Everybody says the same thing "this eyeliner is great", so why not give it a chance?
At first I was a little bit insecure, because I´m so used to do my eyeliner with my fluidline from MAC (the classic Blacktrack) and I always love how it looks with the fluidline. Others felt tip liners that I´ve tried along the years never look good on my and most of the times the liner got caky and totally dissappear from my eyes. So I want to be very careful with the Eyeko one, because I already have big expectations.

As you can see, the point of this liner is very thin, so I supposed that in the moment that you want to line the upper lash line, going thinner on the tear duct and gradually getting thicker to the end of the lashes would make it easy, and it really worked. And when I created the wing for my eyeliner it was easier than ever, In just two strokes with the liner pencil I got it done.
The first layer of liner seems to be black enough, but I like the liner very, extremely black on the eyes, so I applied another coat, and it was amazingly black.

It last for more than 6 hours, with perfect color and in shape. After 8 hours it was a little bit blurry on the ends, but stay very well on my tear duct. So, I was really happy with the first result.
I´ve using it for this month, and I have to say, that when I finish this one, I will get another! I really loved it even though is a felt tip liner.

So, if you´re looking for a good liner, easy to use, with good color and long lasting, here´s one that really will be good for you!

Eyeko Website

Hope you like the post, and see you on the next one!

viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

Facial Skin Care Routine!

Hi there!!

Well, since I came here to London my skin really looks better and feel better. All the redness, breakouts and pimples really calm down a lot, and I am so happy for that, because my skin is always a big mess.

The first months that I´ve been here all that I have used is the face masks from Superdrug (very cheap and nice! Really worth it) and my Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel from MAC that I´ve been using for more than a year and I absolutley adore. This cream is the only one, that in a very long time didn´t cause me any break out, or make my acne get worst, on the opposite side, it really help my skin to get better!
Eventually I stopped using the face masks, because some of them cause me serious redness, or breakouts, and the worst and last time, I got an allergic reaction and my skin really look very bad for two weeks (and I can´t use makeup, because the burning was horrible!)

But my skin can´t be without any product that helps me to control the oil excess, and all the things related to acne, believe me that it can end all in a horrible skin nightmare. So I went on the search for something to take care of my skin, but nothing convinced me enough to buy it. And then, I remember I have something that I may give it a chance.

The product is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash by The Body Shop. I used this, and I didn´t like the effect that had on my skin, so I left it on my drawer and forget about it. I think that I didn´t like the effect of this product the first time because I used twice a day, and that made my skin to get extremely dry. The girl on the store recommend me to use like that, but this time I use it just once a day, every other day. And now it´s really working for me! It keeps my skin clean, the excess oil is getting controlled and my skin looks fresh. So now I combine this facial wash with my MAC cream as a skin care, and it´s making wonders on my skin!

For those who don´t know how the tea tree works, I´m going to tell you. Is bactericide, so it helps to keep the skin free of all the bacteria, it helps to heal (so any acne mark that you have can improve, but it doesn´t make it dissappear) and it has a balsamic effect, so it keeps the redness in line. And it´s known as a natural anti acne plant. Usually you can find it in the format of essence oil, and if you use it in this format, be very careful, with two drops you have enough to apply on the skin. But of course, there are other formats where you can find it like creams, soaps, facial washes, facial masks...

(This is the Tea Tree Plant)

So if you´re having breakouts issues or acne issues on your face, I really recommend you to give a try to the tea tree. I am sure that you will like it.

Hope you like the post, and see you on the next one!

jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

Dark lips are coming...

Hi everyone!

For this Fall season, one of the biggest tendencies (and my favourite) that is coming: the bold lips on dark colors like burgundy, plum, dark plumy purples, etc...
And the funny thing is that even though we are not yet in the season, the people have started to wear this kind of lips. They say that this colors are hard to wear and not everybody likes it, but for me are the best ones, and I know that a lot of people always have wonder at least once how it will look on itself this kind of colors.

I have observed one thing that I think is a very important thing to keep in mind. When you wear this kind of colors, always try to use a lip pencil. Not only because it will help you to define your lips much better, do it because you will prevent any possible bleeding from the dark lipstick.

It doesn´t matter if you are wearing the most beautiful plum color, the only thing that people will see if you don´t use a lip pencil will be the lipstick bleeding in your lips and it will seem that you just had a hard makeout and you didn´t fix your lips after that.

(I found this image in tumblr and you can see the bleeding thanks to the black lipstick that the person is wearing)

Sometimes people don´t use the lip liners because they said is not easy to line the lips. Practice makes the master, people. What you can do is buy a cheaper red lip liner and try to do it in your home until you do it like a pro. It takes time, but in the end you will line your lips in a second, and when this kind of trends comes, you will be avalaible to wear dark lipsticks perfectly.

My favourite lip liner ever are the MAC Prolongwear because this are the only ones that stays all day long on my lips, after trying a big lot of different brands. On the drugstore side I will say that Rimmel London, Essence and Peggy Sage are my favourite brands.

So this fall don´t forget your dark lipstick and lip liner!
See you on the next post,

miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan

Hi everyone!

So, a few days ago, after a lot of mistery, the makeup line by Michelle Phan finally launches.

For those who don´t know her (if you´re into YouTube makeup gurus you probably know her) she´s a makeup guru from YouTube that became very famous for posting her tutorials. She started to have a lot of views and followers on her chanel. She´s a memeber of Ipsy, created her own jewellery line and had joined Lancôme and now she has her own makeup line, called EM by Michelle Phan.

The whole line of makeup has been created by her (she said she got the inspiration through all this years that she has been in YouTube and her viewers), and she teamed with L´Oreal to create this brand. She keep it as a secret, and the 15th of August she published a video launching the brand. The brand have a big party to celebrate the launching. She even got featured on Vogue´s issue of September for EM Cosmetics.

I want to say that I was very curious about this brand, I really wanted to see the products, how they look, prices, packaging, etc. I really got surprised about the packaging, and the eye shadows really catch my attention when I first saw it on the website of the brand.

EM Cosmetics Web

The thing that really dissappoint me it was the price. The whole line has price like the high end brands. It reminds me a lot the prices of MAC Cosmetics. I was expecting something more affordable, not extremely cheap, but a little bit more drugstore price, so everybody can try and enjoy the brand.I think that a lot of people is going to be hesitant about getting stuff just for the price. Of course you have to pay for quality and packaging, but for a brand new brand, I think it´s over priced. (30 US $ for foundation, 16.50 US $ For a lipstick, very high prices!)

Tonight I just saw the first review by Itsjudytime, a makeup guru from YouTube. She makes a very clear review of everything she got from EM, and I really love her making this kind of reviews, because she´s brutally honest. She said everything that comes through my mind while I was watching her trying the products. I hardly recommend you to watch her review, I will put here the link for you.

I will try in the future something of this brand, I am pretty sure about that. But for now, I want to see more reviews of the gurus that have received some of the products and are testing them. By the moment, I prefer to use another brands, and see what happens with EM.

What do you think about this brand? Do you think is too expensive, is worth it to pay the money? Let me know!

See you on the next post =)

Still having a little bit of Summer!

Hi there everyone!

Well, I know in some countries this days are almost the end of Summer and August, all together, but I am from Spain, and there we still having a little bit of summer, more or less until halfway through September.

This year, I didn´t visit the beach (because I´m in London, and that´s not a problem for me, because I´m not a big fan of the beach, all that sand, hot, etc... not my thing!) but usually when I was in Spain, once in Summer I used to visit the beach.

And I have like a "beach skin routine" that I think I could show you, for those who are going to visit the beach on this days.

I have a very pale skin, and very sensitive too. I don´t get a tan, I´ve never been tan, the most that I get is like a medium gold color that in a week totally dissapear of my skin. And normally, the usual thing is that I go to the white, straight to the extremely red skin, and then back to the white.

Because of that, I always like to prepare my skin to the sun exposure.

I start always with a good exfoliation of my whole body like a week before or so. I tend to use natural body scrubs, the last one that I´ve been using is the "I love Blackberry and Raspberry" from the brand "I love..". Is a soft one, you can use daily, so on the previous week I used it at least 3 times. I used it always on the shower.

After that I like to apply Johnson´s Baby Oil. After a lot of years using different body creams, I found out that this oil and the body creams from Victoria Secret are the only products that really moisturize my skin. I apply the oil every day of the previous week, to keep my skin well moisturized and hydrated.

When it comes to sun cream, I always use the same one. I´ve tried a lot of different brands, and after a lot of sunburns, I prefer to stick with this, cause´ I´ve never get a sunburn using it. I always get it on a Pharmacy, and is "Fotoprotector ISDIN Extreme 50+". I always get the body bottle and for the face the one that has the same name but is "90+", because is designed to prevent the skin spots caused for the sun exposure. This sun cream protects against UVA and UVA B and is dermatologically tested. Is a little bit heavy to put, because is so concentrated, but I prefer to spend a little bit more applying cream than getting a sunburn!

I´m not telling you that this bronzer oils with SPF cannot be used as a sun protection, but usually they don´t go further of the 30SPF, so I considered very risky to have a long sun exposure with this kind of bronzers, normally they cause a lot of sunburn. For me is like you put this bronzer oils and go to the beach to fry your skin under the sun. Is not demosntrated that you can get a faster tan with them, and the only thing you can get using this, is get a sunburn.

When I come back after my day on the beach (remember you have to re-apply your sun cream every 3 hours), I take a shower with my shower gel of the moment and use some after sun. The one that I have used all my life, since I have memory and my mother always put on me when I was a baby it´s the Ecran Aftersun Balsamic Effect. I love so much the smell of this, and is a great relief for the skin after all day on the beach under the sun.

Because I don´t get a tan, I don´t have a personal trick to keep the tan. But most of my friends tend to use this creams that help to keep the tan the longer time possible, there are a lot of brands that have this kind of products, so ask on your closer drugstore to get one!

Hope that you like the post, and if you´re going to the beach, get a healthy tan! Don´t forget that your body skin need some care and love too =).

martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Back to Basics!

Hi everyone!!

Well, the other day I talk to you about my new foundation of Revlon, and how much I liked it. But lately I´ve been back to one foundation that have been on my makeup set for a long time, that I´ve used for a very long time and now, with this hot days I remember why I loved it so much and I began to use it again.

I know that for a lot (and I includ myself in that lot) this foundation is a Holy Grail. Is the one and only "Face and Body" by MAC.

This foundation comes in almost every single skin color, from the fairest to the darkest ones. And what I like the most of this foundation is that you have the whole range of colors for a pink undertoned skins and for yellow undertoned skins.

I discovered this foundation a long time ago, almost when I started to do makeup, but I never buy it because I wasn´t sure about it. So one day, I was in a serious need of foundation for a catwalk, so I wen to MAC to get something. I am so lucky that I know a lot of the makeup artist that work in there, so when one of them recommend me to get the "Face and Body" I didn´t doubt it for a second. I got the C1 and the C5, because you can play with the colors, mix it and get the perfect tone of foundation for yourt model/client. The MAC girl also told me to try it on myself and tell her how it worked for that long day of work in the catwalk.

It turned out that I covered all the shades of skins that I have to work with that day (I got a lot of different models, from a very fair skin to a very dark tan one) and for the photos that they got it looks perfect. There were another makeup artist that didn´t use this foundation and the majority got flashback on camera. So I got very excited when the photographers told me I did a very good job with the makeup. Also the models were extremely happy about the skin effect.

From me, that day I did what the MAC girl recommend me, I put two layers of the foundation, apply some Mineralize Skinfinish and in the end of the day, the foundation looked very good! (more than 14 hours, for me was a record!) I used a Buffing Brush from Real Techniques to to apply it.

I began to used it almost for my everyday makeup routine, but I wanted to try more foundations, so I left this one on my kit, and get another ones.

After all this hot days, I was thinking on get a new foundation, when I remember I have the "Face and Body". Obviously I didn´t get a new one, and since that day, I´m wearing that one every single day that I do my makeup. The only thing you have to be very careful is to work it very well on the skin and apply podwer on top, because it tend to shine a lot if you don´t podwer it correctly.

So if you´re looking for a foundation that doesn´t have flashback, for any skin color and that is buildable for color and coverage (this foundation has light to medium coverage, so the more you layer, the more coverage you get) this one is a great option! And now you have smaller size, perfect for single use of a person. ( the big size has 120 ml in the bottle and the smaller one has 50 ml) And for those who works with white foundation, they also have a white version on the bigger size.

Hope you like the post, see you on the next one!

Benefit "They´re Real" Mascara

Hi everybody!

Hope you´re having a great last week of August, and for those who are starting school, work, etc hope that you´ve started the best way possible!
Mine is being a calm week, more or less.

Well, today I´m back, because I want to talk you about a new mascara that I´m trying at the moment, and it´s, as you can guess by the title, "They´re Real" by Benefit.

The previous mascara that I´ve used was the "Scandal Eyes" by Rimmel London. The first month with it was very nice, my lashes look so long, thick and black; and the fall out was very little, so I was so happy with it. After the second month it turns so dry and clumpy, so my lashes look weird most of the days, and the fallout was increasing everyday, so normally I end up the day looking as a racoon thanks to the fall out.
So I decided to get a new mascara, because look as a racoon is not very nice.

From a while, I´ve been reading a few reviews and watching it in YouTube about the "They´re Real" mascara, so I decided to give it a look when I was shopping to get a mascara. I wen to MAC, I looked through all the counters of makeup in Harrod´s (because that day I was visiting Harrod´s and I remember I need a mascara, I don´t usually buy there!) and finally I visited the Benefit counter. The people there were so nice, and they showed me every mascara they had. I asked them about the "They´re Real" and they told me very good stuff about it, so I decided to give it a go.

I am not a very big fan of Benefit, I´ve tried a few of their products, but everything I used to like they have discontinued it, so that makes me forget about this brand.

I got the smaller size (or travel size, whatever you prefer to call it) of the mascara, because the bigger size was a little bit expensive, and I thought it was a very good idea to have this smaller sizes, because when you buy a mascara and you don´t like it, finish a full size bottle sometimes seems to be eternal.

The color of the mascara is black, and I´m not a big fan of the plastic wands but I´m quite liking this one. At the point it has longer plastic "teeth" that I found very useful to get to the corner of the lashes. Because of the plastic wand, normally  there is a little bit of excess of product that you have to be careful, but I don´t find it as a very problematic thing. Is a waterproof version, really hard to take  it off, so use your makeup remover for waterproof mascara.

As always, I get fall out, but is not too much, and by the moment is not bothering me so much. Let´s see what happens after a month of use, that´s my point to know if the mascaras work well for me or not. (I´m getting closer, two weeks of use!)

I hope you like the review, and I will see you very soon on a new one!

viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013


Hello there guys!

I am so excited!! I hear about this a while ago, but now is a reality!

Probably you know him, but if you don´t, I really recommend you to go to YouTube and look for "gossmakeupartist". He is one of my favourites makeup gurus, is an incredible professional and now he has created his own line of makeup brushes.

I´m not going to bore you telling you everything, just check out the video, I will put the link down here. And on the description box of the video there are all the links that you need to get the brushes.

I absolutely adore all the brushes and I don´t try them yet! But coming from him, I am totally sure they will be an absolute success.

Don´t forget to check out all his videos, I learn a lot from him!
See you on the next post!

lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Revlon Photoready Foundation

Hi there everybody!

Today I´m back with a review of one of the latest foundations I´ve been using during this last month and a half.

The foundation, as you can guess by the title is the Revlon Photoready Foundation. I was really looking forward to try this foundation, because everybody talk great things about it and there are great reviews all over the internet. I didn´t get it before because on Spain we don´t have Revlon. So when I finished my Studio Fix by MAC, I decided to give it a try and see how it was this foundation.

They have like MAC, a few tones with more pink undertone and another few with yellow undertone. I got mine in 002 Vanilla. It really matches my skin color almost totally, which is very surprising for me, I´ve never found before a drugstore foundation that matches my skin color in that way. The foundation is suposed to be medium coverage, and for me, is near to the full coverage if you apply two layers on the skin.

I´ve been applying it with my Real Tecniques Stippling Brush, and the only thing you must be careful when you are applying it is that you have to be fast, because if you let it dry, it would leave a line impossible to blend. Once I have it on, I always apply my Collection Pressed Podwer in 18 Ivory, that matchs very good the shade of the foundation.

The foundation really last longer without any touch up, almost 6 hours looking good! And that for my skin (I have a very sensitive, oily skin and acne... ) is a total challenge, believe me.

I was really happy, but a few weeks ago we have here in the UK a very hot summer days. I apply the foundations and those days it was horrible the result on the skin. The foundation literally melts on my skin, and with the podwer on top looks very caky. And the worst thing was that felt incredibly heavy on my skin.

Out of that, I am very happy with this foundation, and one of the things I like the most of this foundation is that on photo looks amazing! And everybody had a lot of compliments about the shade and how it looks so natural on my skin.

So if you´re looking for a long lasting foundation that have a very high SPF (20!) and that doesn´t flash back in photos I really recommend you this one, I´m sure you will love it =).

Hope you like the post, and see you on the next one!


sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

Lady Danger

Hi everyone!

Just a tiny update to tell you about my new favourite lipstick right now, and finally I got it, after a very long time.

Today I went to MAC Pro Store in Westfield mall here in London, to make a "Back to MAC". For those who don´t know what it is, is like a returning sistem, you bring your empty products (like foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, etc obviously from the brand, cause´ there are people who thinks that you can bring from any brand...) and you receive in exchange of six empty products a lipstick from the regular line (the new collection of the moment you do this, the Sheen Supreme, the Mineralize Rich and the Viva Glam are excluded from this process) a lipstick.

I was not sure about which one to get this time... I have my eyes in Candy Yum Yum, Dark Side, Myth and New York Apple. Very different colors, I know, but I love to change everyday of lipstick and don´t use similar colors. But then I remember about the one that I got, and here, in England is ver popular, Lady Danger. I tried it on my hand and I really love the color, so finally, after all that ones that I told you before, I took Lady Danger.

Before I talk about the color, I want to tell you that all the ladies in the store were super nice and kind, so lovely!

Lady Danger for me is the orangy red par excellence. It has the right amount of red on it, but the right amount of orange too. When you see it from the bullet, it looks like red, but once you put it on it´s totally turns into that orangy red color that looks nice on everybody. For me, on summer it´s totally the time to wear orangy colors and let the cold reds (with blue undertones) for autumn. I get obsessed with any color that has any orange tone on it.

I have a very fair skin and looks so good, but on tanned skin looks even better!

This evening I wore it, and everybody did compliments about my lip color, so tomorrow I will be wearing it again, for sure.

I leave you here some photos of the lipstick and when I got a proper photo of  myself with it, I will upload it for you to see the color on my skin.

See you on the next post!

viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013


Hi everyone!

Today I am here with a long post about nails, with all my favourite products and all the stuff that I´ve used all over the years.

A lot of people had asked me what are my favourite products, brands... So today I´m going to make you like a "Top Ten" of all of the products.

I will start in order, from the first product you use when you start doing your nails, to the last one.

When you do your nails, it´s always recommended (if not necessary) apply previously a layer of base coat to protect your nail and avoid that later when you take off the polish your nails still having the color of the polish you´ve got before. There are even base coats with vitamins, and another ones with different treatments, you have to choose the one that adjust best to yourself.

One of my favourite base coats is the O2M Breathable Base Coat from Inglot. I´ve been using it during a year and my nails always look perfect after taking off the polish (and I always have my nails done, it´s so weird that I don´t wear any polish). Even that in the bottle it looks white, once applied it looks clear. Any nail polish on top of this base coat last between 4-6 days in perfect conditions. One of the special feature in this product, is that is designed to let your nail breath while you have the polish on. (This product is not tested in animals, the brand is against animal tests).

Another one with a great quality is the Natural Nail Base Coat from OPI. They usually sell it with the top coat, but you can find it for itself if you don´t want to buy both. The color of this one looks pink on the bottle but once applied looks again clear. It´s a long lasting one too, your manicure will last between 4-6 days perfectly.

Now let´s go to the Top Coats.

Again, one of my favourites is the O2M Breathable Top Coat. It´s totally clear and let your manicure with a very lovely shine, almost gel finish. During the time you have your manicure it doesn´t loose any shine at all. The only bad thing about it is that is not a fast drying one.

Another one with the same bad thing like the Inglot one is the Top Coat from The Edge, a very nice shine but it dries so slow.

The Fast Forward Top Coat from China Glaze, that apart of give you an amazing shine for your manicure, it helps to dry the polish faster. All the times that I´ve used it I´ve been totally in love with the final result and most of all because it helps to dry faster, it´s one of my favourites ones now.

One of the classics, and everybody has tried it at least once is the top coat from Seche Vite. I tried this one 2 years ago, and it really gave to the manicure a lovely shine and helped to dry faster.

Now let´s go to the dryers!

One that absolutely left me speechless is a Top Coat from Sally Hansen called “Dry Kwik”, and in less than a minute your nails are totally dried! The system is that with the brush you let fall a drop on top of your nail and let it expand all over the nail. Then you wait a minute (maybe 2, just in case) you take off the excess of oil that the product leaves (but if you use it for your cuticles is so moisturizing) and your nails are perfectly dry with an incredible shine. It´s my favourite of all the list.

Another dryer is the Quick-e from Essie. This one comes with a dropper, and you just have to let fall a drop on top of each nail and in one minute your nail is totally dry. The only bad thing is that it´s so hard to find (maybe on line you can find it).

OPI has drop dryer too, it´s called Drip Dry, but if you put more than two layers of nail polish, probably it won´t dry so fast.

One that have gel finish and shine is the Base and Top Coat from OPI, it has an amazing finish, but you have to seal the nail, if you don´t, it won´t work at all. It dries fast too, like 2 minutes. The only bad thing about is that it´s a little bit expensive.

Hope you like the post, see you on the next one!


jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Lia Stoner

Hi there, guys!

Just a short blog, to tell you that my friend Lia has started her YouTube channel, I´m gonna leave you the link to give it a look and subscribe! I´m sure you would love her channel =)


See you soon!!


One Direction and MUA Makeup

Hi everybody!

Well, we all know or maybe hear about this, but I still very shocked about the news of a makeup line by One Direction in collaboration with MUA.
By the moment I haven´t tried nothing, but I´m very curious about the lipsticks. I want to try them, but by the moment I didn´t find it on any store.
The collection has nail polishes, lipsticks, lip polish and cheek tints. All of the colors are suposed to be chosen by the guys of the band, or at least inspired by them. The lip polishes are the favourite flavours of the guys and the lipsticks are named with their song´s names.
For me it´s so funny, because I remember that one of their songs says "no need makeup to cover up, being the way that you are is enough" and now they have makeup products. It´s very confusing.
Well, here are all the products:

Promotional image of the makeup line:

Nail polishes, I´m sorry I can´t find all the names, just the one by Liam Payne that is "Everything Emerald" and the one by Niall Horan that is "Gold & Gorgeous"

The lip polishes: Harry loves Strawberry, Zayn loves Watermelon, Louis loves Vanilla, Niall loves Cherry and Liam loves Blueberry.

The cheek tints: Coral Cutie, Pink Explosion and Rose Riot

The lipsticks: all signed by the guys from left to right, Moments, I Wish, I Want, Rock Me and Be Mine.

Well, this is all guys. What are your thoughts on this collection? I think it has a lot of great products, even it´s like merchandising for the fans.

See you on the next post!