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Hi everyone!

Today I am here with a long post about nails, with all my favourite products and all the stuff that I´ve used all over the years.

A lot of people had asked me what are my favourite products, brands... So today I´m going to make you like a "Top Ten" of all of the products.

I will start in order, from the first product you use when you start doing your nails, to the last one.

When you do your nails, it´s always recommended (if not necessary) apply previously a layer of base coat to protect your nail and avoid that later when you take off the polish your nails still having the color of the polish you´ve got before. There are even base coats with vitamins, and another ones with different treatments, you have to choose the one that adjust best to yourself.

One of my favourite base coats is the O2M Breathable Base Coat from Inglot. I´ve been using it during a year and my nails always look perfect after taking off the polish (and I always have my nails done, it´s so weird that I don´t wear any polish). Even that in the bottle it looks white, once applied it looks clear. Any nail polish on top of this base coat last between 4-6 days in perfect conditions. One of the special feature in this product, is that is designed to let your nail breath while you have the polish on. (This product is not tested in animals, the brand is against animal tests).

Another one with a great quality is the Natural Nail Base Coat from OPI. They usually sell it with the top coat, but you can find it for itself if you don´t want to buy both. The color of this one looks pink on the bottle but once applied looks again clear. It´s a long lasting one too, your manicure will last between 4-6 days perfectly.

Now let´s go to the Top Coats.

Again, one of my favourites is the O2M Breathable Top Coat. It´s totally clear and let your manicure with a very lovely shine, almost gel finish. During the time you have your manicure it doesn´t loose any shine at all. The only bad thing about it is that is not a fast drying one.

Another one with the same bad thing like the Inglot one is the Top Coat from The Edge, a very nice shine but it dries so slow.

The Fast Forward Top Coat from China Glaze, that apart of give you an amazing shine for your manicure, it helps to dry the polish faster. All the times that I´ve used it I´ve been totally in love with the final result and most of all because it helps to dry faster, it´s one of my favourites ones now.

One of the classics, and everybody has tried it at least once is the top coat from Seche Vite. I tried this one 2 years ago, and it really gave to the manicure a lovely shine and helped to dry faster.

Now let´s go to the dryers!

One that absolutely left me speechless is a Top Coat from Sally Hansen called “Dry Kwik”, and in less than a minute your nails are totally dried! The system is that with the brush you let fall a drop on top of your nail and let it expand all over the nail. Then you wait a minute (maybe 2, just in case) you take off the excess of oil that the product leaves (but if you use it for your cuticles is so moisturizing) and your nails are perfectly dry with an incredible shine. It´s my favourite of all the list.

Another dryer is the Quick-e from Essie. This one comes with a dropper, and you just have to let fall a drop on top of each nail and in one minute your nail is totally dry. The only bad thing is that it´s so hard to find (maybe on line you can find it).

OPI has drop dryer too, it´s called Drip Dry, but if you put more than two layers of nail polish, probably it won´t dry so fast.

One that have gel finish and shine is the Base and Top Coat from OPI, it has an amazing finish, but you have to seal the nail, if you don´t, it won´t work at all. It dries fast too, like 2 minutes. The only bad thing about is that it´s a little bit expensive.

Hope you like the post, see you on the next one!


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