martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Benefit "They´re Real" Mascara

Hi everybody!

Hope you´re having a great last week of August, and for those who are starting school, work, etc hope that you´ve started the best way possible!
Mine is being a calm week, more or less.

Well, today I´m back, because I want to talk you about a new mascara that I´m trying at the moment, and it´s, as you can guess by the title, "They´re Real" by Benefit.

The previous mascara that I´ve used was the "Scandal Eyes" by Rimmel London. The first month with it was very nice, my lashes look so long, thick and black; and the fall out was very little, so I was so happy with it. After the second month it turns so dry and clumpy, so my lashes look weird most of the days, and the fallout was increasing everyday, so normally I end up the day looking as a racoon thanks to the fall out.
So I decided to get a new mascara, because look as a racoon is not very nice.

From a while, I´ve been reading a few reviews and watching it in YouTube about the "They´re Real" mascara, so I decided to give it a look when I was shopping to get a mascara. I wen to MAC, I looked through all the counters of makeup in Harrod´s (because that day I was visiting Harrod´s and I remember I need a mascara, I don´t usually buy there!) and finally I visited the Benefit counter. The people there were so nice, and they showed me every mascara they had. I asked them about the "They´re Real" and they told me very good stuff about it, so I decided to give it a go.

I am not a very big fan of Benefit, I´ve tried a few of their products, but everything I used to like they have discontinued it, so that makes me forget about this brand.

I got the smaller size (or travel size, whatever you prefer to call it) of the mascara, because the bigger size was a little bit expensive, and I thought it was a very good idea to have this smaller sizes, because when you buy a mascara and you don´t like it, finish a full size bottle sometimes seems to be eternal.

The color of the mascara is black, and I´m not a big fan of the plastic wands but I´m quite liking this one. At the point it has longer plastic "teeth" that I found very useful to get to the corner of the lashes. Because of the plastic wand, normally  there is a little bit of excess of product that you have to be careful, but I don´t find it as a very problematic thing. Is a waterproof version, really hard to take  it off, so use your makeup remover for waterproof mascara.

As always, I get fall out, but is not too much, and by the moment is not bothering me so much. Let´s see what happens after a month of use, that´s my point to know if the mascaras work well for me or not. (I´m getting closer, two weeks of use!)

I hope you like the review, and I will see you very soon on a new one!

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