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Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan

Hi everyone!

So, a few days ago, after a lot of mistery, the makeup line by Michelle Phan finally launches.

For those who don´t know her (if you´re into YouTube makeup gurus you probably know her) she´s a makeup guru from YouTube that became very famous for posting her tutorials. She started to have a lot of views and followers on her chanel. She´s a memeber of Ipsy, created her own jewellery line and had joined Lancôme and now she has her own makeup line, called EM by Michelle Phan.

The whole line of makeup has been created by her (she said she got the inspiration through all this years that she has been in YouTube and her viewers), and she teamed with L´Oreal to create this brand. She keep it as a secret, and the 15th of August she published a video launching the brand. The brand have a big party to celebrate the launching. She even got featured on Vogue´s issue of September for EM Cosmetics.

I want to say that I was very curious about this brand, I really wanted to see the products, how they look, prices, packaging, etc. I really got surprised about the packaging, and the eye shadows really catch my attention when I first saw it on the website of the brand.

EM Cosmetics Web

The thing that really dissappoint me it was the price. The whole line has price like the high end brands. It reminds me a lot the prices of MAC Cosmetics. I was expecting something more affordable, not extremely cheap, but a little bit more drugstore price, so everybody can try and enjoy the brand.I think that a lot of people is going to be hesitant about getting stuff just for the price. Of course you have to pay for quality and packaging, but for a brand new brand, I think it´s over priced. (30 US $ for foundation, 16.50 US $ For a lipstick, very high prices!)

Tonight I just saw the first review by Itsjudytime, a makeup guru from YouTube. She makes a very clear review of everything she got from EM, and I really love her making this kind of reviews, because she´s brutally honest. She said everything that comes through my mind while I was watching her trying the products. I hardly recommend you to watch her review, I will put here the link for you.

I will try in the future something of this brand, I am pretty sure about that. But for now, I want to see more reviews of the gurus that have received some of the products and are testing them. By the moment, I prefer to use another brands, and see what happens with EM.

What do you think about this brand? Do you think is too expensive, is worth it to pay the money? Let me know!

See you on the next post =)

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