miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Still having a little bit of Summer!

Hi there everyone!

Well, I know in some countries this days are almost the end of Summer and August, all together, but I am from Spain, and there we still having a little bit of summer, more or less until halfway through September.

This year, I didn´t visit the beach (because I´m in London, and that´s not a problem for me, because I´m not a big fan of the beach, all that sand, hot, etc... not my thing!) but usually when I was in Spain, once in Summer I used to visit the beach.

And I have like a "beach skin routine" that I think I could show you, for those who are going to visit the beach on this days.

I have a very pale skin, and very sensitive too. I don´t get a tan, I´ve never been tan, the most that I get is like a medium gold color that in a week totally dissapear of my skin. And normally, the usual thing is that I go to the white, straight to the extremely red skin, and then back to the white.

Because of that, I always like to prepare my skin to the sun exposure.

I start always with a good exfoliation of my whole body like a week before or so. I tend to use natural body scrubs, the last one that I´ve been using is the "I love Blackberry and Raspberry" from the brand "I love..". Is a soft one, you can use daily, so on the previous week I used it at least 3 times. I used it always on the shower.

After that I like to apply Johnson´s Baby Oil. After a lot of years using different body creams, I found out that this oil and the body creams from Victoria Secret are the only products that really moisturize my skin. I apply the oil every day of the previous week, to keep my skin well moisturized and hydrated.

When it comes to sun cream, I always use the same one. I´ve tried a lot of different brands, and after a lot of sunburns, I prefer to stick with this, cause´ I´ve never get a sunburn using it. I always get it on a Pharmacy, and is "Fotoprotector ISDIN Extreme 50+". I always get the body bottle and for the face the one that has the same name but is "90+", because is designed to prevent the skin spots caused for the sun exposure. This sun cream protects against UVA and UVA B and is dermatologically tested. Is a little bit heavy to put, because is so concentrated, but I prefer to spend a little bit more applying cream than getting a sunburn!

I´m not telling you that this bronzer oils with SPF cannot be used as a sun protection, but usually they don´t go further of the 30SPF, so I considered very risky to have a long sun exposure with this kind of bronzers, normally they cause a lot of sunburn. For me is like you put this bronzer oils and go to the beach to fry your skin under the sun. Is not demosntrated that you can get a faster tan with them, and the only thing you can get using this, is get a sunburn.

When I come back after my day on the beach (remember you have to re-apply your sun cream every 3 hours), I take a shower with my shower gel of the moment and use some after sun. The one that I have used all my life, since I have memory and my mother always put on me when I was a baby it´s the Ecran Aftersun Balsamic Effect. I love so much the smell of this, and is a great relief for the skin after all day on the beach under the sun.

Because I don´t get a tan, I don´t have a personal trick to keep the tan. But most of my friends tend to use this creams that help to keep the tan the longer time possible, there are a lot of brands that have this kind of products, so ask on your closer drugstore to get one!

Hope that you like the post, and if you´re going to the beach, get a healthy tan! Don´t forget that your body skin need some care and love too =).

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