sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

Lady Danger

Hi everyone!

Just a tiny update to tell you about my new favourite lipstick right now, and finally I got it, after a very long time.

Today I went to MAC Pro Store in Westfield mall here in London, to make a "Back to MAC". For those who don´t know what it is, is like a returning sistem, you bring your empty products (like foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, etc obviously from the brand, cause´ there are people who thinks that you can bring from any brand...) and you receive in exchange of six empty products a lipstick from the regular line (the new collection of the moment you do this, the Sheen Supreme, the Mineralize Rich and the Viva Glam are excluded from this process) a lipstick.

I was not sure about which one to get this time... I have my eyes in Candy Yum Yum, Dark Side, Myth and New York Apple. Very different colors, I know, but I love to change everyday of lipstick and don´t use similar colors. But then I remember about the one that I got, and here, in England is ver popular, Lady Danger. I tried it on my hand and I really love the color, so finally, after all that ones that I told you before, I took Lady Danger.

Before I talk about the color, I want to tell you that all the ladies in the store were super nice and kind, so lovely!

Lady Danger for me is the orangy red par excellence. It has the right amount of red on it, but the right amount of orange too. When you see it from the bullet, it looks like red, but once you put it on it´s totally turns into that orangy red color that looks nice on everybody. For me, on summer it´s totally the time to wear orangy colors and let the cold reds (with blue undertones) for autumn. I get obsessed with any color that has any orange tone on it.

I have a very fair skin and looks so good, but on tanned skin looks even better!

This evening I wore it, and everybody did compliments about my lip color, so tomorrow I will be wearing it again, for sure.

I leave you here some photos of the lipstick and when I got a proper photo of  myself with it, I will upload it for you to see the color on my skin.

See you on the next post!

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