jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

Dark lips are coming...

Hi everyone!

For this Fall season, one of the biggest tendencies (and my favourite) that is coming: the bold lips on dark colors like burgundy, plum, dark plumy purples, etc...
And the funny thing is that even though we are not yet in the season, the people have started to wear this kind of lips. They say that this colors are hard to wear and not everybody likes it, but for me are the best ones, and I know that a lot of people always have wonder at least once how it will look on itself this kind of colors.

I have observed one thing that I think is a very important thing to keep in mind. When you wear this kind of colors, always try to use a lip pencil. Not only because it will help you to define your lips much better, do it because you will prevent any possible bleeding from the dark lipstick.

It doesn´t matter if you are wearing the most beautiful plum color, the only thing that people will see if you don´t use a lip pencil will be the lipstick bleeding in your lips and it will seem that you just had a hard makeout and you didn´t fix your lips after that.

(I found this image in tumblr and you can see the bleeding thanks to the black lipstick that the person is wearing)

Sometimes people don´t use the lip liners because they said is not easy to line the lips. Practice makes the master, people. What you can do is buy a cheaper red lip liner and try to do it in your home until you do it like a pro. It takes time, but in the end you will line your lips in a second, and when this kind of trends comes, you will be avalaible to wear dark lipsticks perfectly.

My favourite lip liner ever are the MAC Prolongwear because this are the only ones that stays all day long on my lips, after trying a big lot of different brands. On the drugstore side I will say that Rimmel London, Essence and Peggy Sage are my favourite brands.

So this fall don´t forget your dark lipstick and lip liner!
See you on the next post,

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