lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Look of the day!

Hi everybody!!

As I told you on my last post, I got today the Highlighter Pen by Catrice, and I wear it with my makeup today.

Today I did my usual foundation routine (I will do a post very soon about it) but changing the foundation, instead of the Face and Body, I used today the Revlon Photoready and my usual routine for eyebrows too. The only thing that I didn´t do today as usual was the contour, I was on the mood for a soft blush and nothing else.

After that, I apply as a base the Color Tattoo 24hr from Maybelline in 85- Light in Purple all over my lid, I don´t use any brush, just the fingers. I let it set for a few seconds, and on top of that I apply with a flat shadow brush Vellum eyeshadow by MAC. I lined 3/4 of my top lash line with a Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner by MAC in Deep Purple, and also the lower lash line, and with a pencil brush (219 by MAC) I blend the color and gave it a smoky finish. On the lower lash line, for adding some depth I apply with the pencil brush some black eyeshadow on top of the purple pencil (The shadow was Carbon by MAC). On the waterline I used the Highlighter pen by Catrice. For my cheeks I applied Mirrored Pink by Sleek Makeup and on my lips Berry Pink lipgloss by ModelCo. As a highlighter for my cheeks and brows I used Shroom by MAC.

Here´s a picture of the look.

As first impression of the Highlighter Pen by Catrice, I have to say that I am very happy with the result, 3 hours complete perfect on the waterline!

Hope you like the post, I´ll see you on the next one!


Hola a todos!

Como os he contado en mi ultimo post, hoy compré el Highlighter pen de Catrice, y lo usé para mi maquillaje de hoy.

Para hoy hice mi rutina diaria de maquillaje, excepto que cambié la base, en vez de la Face and Body de MAC, usé la de Revlon Photoready. Para mis cejas, la misma rutina de siempre también. Lo único que no hice hoy fue el contorno, tenía en mente un look algo mas suave, solo un poco de colorete y nada más.

Después de eso, en los ojos usé de base la sombra de ojos en crema de Maybelline "Color Tattoo 24hr" en el color 85-Lighter in purple. No usé brochas, simplemente los dedos para aplicarla. Encima de esta sombra, apliqué con una brocha plana de sombra Vellum de MAC. Delineé 3/4 de la línea superior de pestañas con el lápiz de ojos Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner de MAC en el color Deep Purple y también lo usé para delinear la linea inferior de pestañas. Con la brocha 219 de MAC difuminé el trazo del lápiz hasta darle un acabado ahumado. En la línea inferior de pestañas aplique sombra negra para darle profundidad al ojo (usé Carbon de MAC) y en el interior de la línea de pestañas inferior usé el lápiz Highlighter Pen de Catrice. Para las mejillas utilizé Mirrored Pink de Sleek Makeup y para los labios nada más que un poco de lipgloss (Berry Pink de ModelCo). De iluminador apliqué Shroom de MAC tanto en la parte alta de mis mejillas como en el arco de ambas cejas.

Arriba podéis ver una foto del look terminado y de los productos usados.

Como primera impresión que tuve hoy con el Highlighter pen de Catrice, debo decir que estoy muy contenta con el resultado, aguantó perfectamente durante tres horas!

Espero que os guste, y nos leemos en el siguiente post!

Mini Haul!

Hello there!

So I´ve been hearing about this pencil a lot this last month, so I decided to give it a chance.

Today I visitede one of my favourites drugstores here in Madrid, called Green. Is one of my favourite because is one of the places where you can find brands like Catrice and Sleek Makeup since finding this brands is a challenge here in Spain.

While I was watching the stuff in the Catrice Stand, I remember about the highlighter pen, so I decided to buy it and see how it works.

The pencil is in the number 010 "In the mood for nude" and it´s a skin rosy color , really reminds me of the Chromagraphic Pencil by MAC. 

The pencil has waterproof formula, and everybody is talking about how long it last on the waterline, so today I´ll be testing it, and see if really stays on or not on my eyes. It also came with a sharpener (in one of the sides of the pencils), wich I think every single pencil must include!

By the way, it was extremely cheap, just 3.19€, so I hope it works!

Hope you like it, 
See you on the next post!

domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Get Ready With Me!

Hi everyone!

Tody I´m going to make a "Get Ready With Me" post about the makeup that I wear yesterday when I went to the movies with my girlfriends! We saw "Now You See Me..." and it´s amazing!! I recommend you to watch it, you won´t regret it at all.

So, let´s get started!

First, I clean my skin with the "Herbalism" facial mask, later I clean the rests of the mask with my Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and apply some Tea Tree Water skin tonic. After  the skin tonic was complete absorved by my skin, I apply my Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel and wait for a few minutes until my skin was totally dry and not sticky for applying my makeup.


I did a very simple makeup, you can call it naked o washed face.

First, I applied my Face and Body foundation in C1 with a contour brush from Real Techniques. I used this brush because I like the finish that gave to the foundation on my skin, and because is very gentle and soft. After that, I took my 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush for applying my Illamasqua Concealer in CC 115 and took my Beauty Blender dupe for a total blending (this concealer is very pale in comparison with the foundation that I used, so I don´t wanted to look like a panda but in white concealer haha!) After all, I set everything with my very used (as you can see) Collection Pressed Podwer in 18 Ivory with my 15BJF Inglot brush (is a blush brush, but I love to use it for podwer)


For the rest of the face I kept it simple, just some light cheek contour using Harmony and my 109 Small Contour Brush by MAC (this brush is one of my favourites ever!) and I use Stunner blush (satin finish) with my 168 Large Angled Contour Brush. For highlight, I put a little bit of Shroom with the 227 Large Fluff Brush on top of the cheeks.

After that I took my 212 Flat Definer Brush and with Concrete eyeshadow, for filling and define my eyebrows.

On the eyes, I apply with my ring finger a bit of Bare Study Painpot, and let it set for a minute. Later, with the lightest eyeshadow of this quad by Kiko (Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette, I got this a long time ago) I applied it all over the lid with my 213 Fluff Brush, blending any harsh line. After that I curled my lashes and put some mascara.



For the lips I used Whirl lipliner by MAC and MUA lipstick in shade 14.

Sorry I can put you a finish look photo, I didn´t take any! But this is one photo with the same look from a while ago, with the exact same products (is one of my favourite looks, as you can see)

Hope you like the post!

See you on the next one,

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viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Salon Look IFEMA

Hola a todos!

Solo escribo este post para recordaros que proximamente, la feria Salon Look Internacional sera celebrada en el Ifema, aqui en Madrid (dias 4,5 y 6 de Octubre).

Para profesionales del mundo de la belleza, previo registo en la web de Ifema Salon Look  la entrada es totalmente gratis, para el libre acceso los 3 dias. Para visitantes no profesionales la entrada cuesta 16€. Para todos aquellos que se registren on-line hay un descuento para trenes de Renfe.

Este año, una de las principales atracciones son las primeras olimpiadas de Uñas Acrilicas en España, los dias 5 y 6, con participantes de todo el mundo.

Recordad que tambien podeis comprar casi todos los productos expuestos en la feria, y que siempre hay muy buenas ofertas y descuentos.

Nos vemos en el proximo post!


Hi everyone!

Just writing a fast post, for remembering you that on the 4, 5 and 6 of October the Salon Look Internacional will have place in Ifema, here in Madrid.

If you´re a professional of the beauty area you can access for free to the fair (doing a pre register here) and if you´re not a professional you will have to pay 16€. For all the people who do the pre-register there is a discount for Renfe train services.

This year will be celebrated on the fair the first Nail Olympics, with participants from all around the world.

And remember you can get very good prices and discounts in all the products that they sell on the fair.

See you on the next post!

miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013

Little Mix by Collection, all the products!

Hi there!

Well, today it came out the collection, so we can see all the products that the girls of Little Mix have on their new line of makeup.

There are 8 products for each girl ( trio palette, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, nail polish, mascara, loose eyeshadow and a glitter liner) so you can recreate a look for the day and go to a night look without having to use different products.

Let´s going to start with the nail polish.

This ones are the nail polishes by Jesy (Bright red, fast drying in 60 sec) and Jade (Metallic green-gold fast drying too)

This ones are the nail polishes by Perrie (Dark purple color, fast drying) and Leigh-Anne (Coral, fast drying)

This colors by Jade and Perrie are really on trend now (the dark purple and the metallic green) and the red by Jesy is a must have for everyone (under my opinion) and the coral too!

Now let´s move to the Glitter Liners


 This ones are by Jesy and Perrie (Metallic Gold and Black with silver glitter)


And this ones are by Jade and Leigh-Anne (Turquoise and Gold)

Right now the glitter liners are very popular, and it can give you a pop of color on the eyes, and the colors are so beautiful! My favourite is the Turquoise by Jade.

Now we´re going to see the mascaras.

This ones are by Jesy (Gives volume and bold lashes) and Leigh-Anne (natural and defined lashes)


This are from Perrie (Lenghthening formula) and Jade (defined lashes and no clumps)

The next one, the gloss.


This are by Jesy and Leigh-Anne (Sheer Shimmering Pink and Sheer Glittery Pink)

And this ones are by Perrie and Jade (Candy Pink and Sheer Coral)

Neutral colors, so basic. I really like the Jesy´s one!

Now let´s go to the blushes and bronzers.


Jade and Perrie have the blushes (the color from Jade is a very neutral, just to give a natural flush to your cheeks and the color from Perrie is like a soft pink, the one she wears most of the time)


This ones are by Jesy and Leigh-Anne (the bronzer by Jesy can be use for sculpting the face, brows and add color, and the one by Leigh-Anne illuminates and glow finish for the skin)

My favourite is the Jesy´s bronzer.

Next thing, Lipstick.


This are the colors by Jade and Jesy (Soft Red Brown and Bright Red) 


And this are by Leigh-Anne and Perrie (Deep Red and Deep Purple)

All the lipsticks have smooth formula. Hard to choose, I love all of them!

Let´s go to the Dazzle Me Eyeshadow.


Jade and Jesy´s colors (Dark Khaki and Gold)


Leigh-Anne and Perrie´s colors (Bronze and Grey)

This shadows can be applied with a damp brush to get more intense color or by itself.

The bronze color by Leigh-Anne really catch my attention.

And finally, the Trio Palletes.


This ones are by Leigh-Anne and Jade (Golden Nude Shades and Khaki, Bronze and Gold)


This are by Perrie and Jesy (Black with Glitter, Grey and Beige for Perrie and Brown and Bronze shades for Jesy)

My favourite is, without any hesitation, the trio by Perrie.

So, here you have the complete makeup line. Is only avalaible on UK at the moment, so for those who live there, I leave you the link of the official Collection Website.

What do you think about the makeup that the girls made? I think is cool, simple products with neutral colors, on trend all of them, great option for a makeup shopping!

Hope you like the post, see you on the next one!