viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

Facial Skin Care Routine!

Hi there!!

Well, since I came here to London my skin really looks better and feel better. All the redness, breakouts and pimples really calm down a lot, and I am so happy for that, because my skin is always a big mess.

The first months that I´ve been here all that I have used is the face masks from Superdrug (very cheap and nice! Really worth it) and my Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel from MAC that I´ve been using for more than a year and I absolutley adore. This cream is the only one, that in a very long time didn´t cause me any break out, or make my acne get worst, on the opposite side, it really help my skin to get better!
Eventually I stopped using the face masks, because some of them cause me serious redness, or breakouts, and the worst and last time, I got an allergic reaction and my skin really look very bad for two weeks (and I can´t use makeup, because the burning was horrible!)

But my skin can´t be without any product that helps me to control the oil excess, and all the things related to acne, believe me that it can end all in a horrible skin nightmare. So I went on the search for something to take care of my skin, but nothing convinced me enough to buy it. And then, I remember I have something that I may give it a chance.

The product is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash by The Body Shop. I used this, and I didn´t like the effect that had on my skin, so I left it on my drawer and forget about it. I think that I didn´t like the effect of this product the first time because I used twice a day, and that made my skin to get extremely dry. The girl on the store recommend me to use like that, but this time I use it just once a day, every other day. And now it´s really working for me! It keeps my skin clean, the excess oil is getting controlled and my skin looks fresh. So now I combine this facial wash with my MAC cream as a skin care, and it´s making wonders on my skin!

For those who don´t know how the tea tree works, I´m going to tell you. Is bactericide, so it helps to keep the skin free of all the bacteria, it helps to heal (so any acne mark that you have can improve, but it doesn´t make it dissappear) and it has a balsamic effect, so it keeps the redness in line. And it´s known as a natural anti acne plant. Usually you can find it in the format of essence oil, and if you use it in this format, be very careful, with two drops you have enough to apply on the skin. But of course, there are other formats where you can find it like creams, soaps, facial washes, facial masks...

(This is the Tea Tree Plant)

So if you´re having breakouts issues or acne issues on your face, I really recommend you to give a try to the tea tree. I am sure that you will like it.

Hope you like the post, and see you on the next one!

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