miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

The perfect tweezers

Hi Everyone!!

After the lash glue post, I feel that I have to talk to you about this.

Since I had it on my hands had save my life. And there are the tweezers for applying false lashes (Burlesque have this on their store).

I´ve always use the classic tweezers, the ones you use to pluck your eyebrows, to put on the lashes and press a little bit to help the lash to get stick better. But I have to recognize that even they help a lot, a wrong move and all can end in a tragedy, lash glue everywhere and the lash totally stick on the tweezers (and if you get lucky, maybe you don´t hurt your eye).

One day I was visiting Burlesque Store, and they showed me the tweezers, because I am a total mess applying fake lashes on my eyes (I am so slow, and my hands shakes a lot...) I decided to gave them a chance. And I promise you it was my discovery of 2012 and is one of my favourite things in 2013!

The tweezers may seem so simple and even you can compare with the regular ones, but I assure you it has nothing in common. The precision and holding that this tweezers gives you while you apply the lash it´s totally different than with a regular one. And for people with trembling hands (I do have a very trembling hands, everyone that knows me  notice that in the first second they met me!) it´s a great help and applying your lashes will be very much easy to do! And for applying lashes in other people is very comfortable to use.

The product comes from Japan and the girls there use it a lot, because they´re obsessed with lashes.
For me, right now is a basic thing on my professional kit and when I´m doing my makeup too, so I hardly recommend you to give it a try. And they have a very reasonable price.

Burlesque Madrid Facebook Page Don´t forget to give it a like! 

Hope you like the post, and see you on the next one!


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