miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

Lash Glue nightmares are over!

Hello there!

I know that probably a lot of you knew about this, but I didn´t and I am so excited!

I was in need, but really in a big need of lash glue. My last one, I don´t know why, start smelling so bad (normally the lash glue smells horrible, but my glue, everytime I opened it can kill people just with the smell!) and it had this weird yellow going to grey color that wasn´t very normal thing, so I thought that was time to get a new one.

When I buy the lash glue in Madrid, I usually go to Burlesque (I will put in the end their facebook page, they are amazing! Incredible people with the most amazing products in makeup and wigs that you can imagine), they have the dupe of the DUO Adhesive for just 6€, so I prefer to get this one instead of paying 12€ for the same product in MAC.

 Dupe for this one down here!

But here in London I don´t have my beloved Burlesque store... So I went into the hunt of a new lash glue.

Obviously I knew that in MAC I can get the DUO for 10 pounds, but I wanted to find something else. Here in the UK the people wear way more lashes than we do in Spain, so here there is a lot more of lash models, and of course, more glue types!

In YouTube I saw a lot of gurus using the black lash glue, the one with brush, for single lashes, but in Spain if you don´t order that from the internet, it´s impossible to get it on a store.

And finally I found the perfect lash glue. Or at least for me it is! Is the Eyelure Lashfix. It comes in a crystal bottle, and the thing that I like the most from this glue is the applicator. Is a bar that allows you to put as much glue as you want. The regular bottle for me it was sometimes a nightmare, because when I pressed it to get a little bit of glue, usually came out a lot of glue... but with this applicator is more easy for me, and I think that for everyone (and for beginners is perfect)

So for those that didn´t know about this glue, or for the people that never give it a chance to it, you must try it, is really good!

Don´t forget to visit Burlesque Facebook Page and give it a like!

Hope you like the post, and see you on the next one.

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