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Makeup travel bag

Hello everyone!

Well, sorry for the lack of post, I´ve been so busy! But today I´m back with a post that you may like it.

I don´t know if this happens to you, but every single time I have to fly, I hate packing my makeup. I can´t decide what to leave, what to take with me... And normally I pack way more makeup that I need. But, when I travel, I like to take with me on my purse a little bag with the basic stuff that allow me to do my makeup if I need to, and don´t look like a ghost in the middle of the airport.

The first thing you obviously need is a vanity case, but not so big. Mine is a little one that I found a long ago in Primark that have the perfect size for my purse and I can carry everything inside.

One of the things that I think you really need is makeup remover wipes (on travel size, of course!) and some moisturizer cream. I always like to clean my face with one wipe and apply my cream when the flight starts, and keep my skin hydrated for the whole flight.

I like to have too hand wipes to clean my hands after applying my cream. You don´t want to have your hands sticky all the time!

And then, I have my makeup. I do prefer to travel with compact makeup, because for the pressure of the flight, any crystal pot can explode and cause a big mess (that happened to me once, my Studio Fix explode inside my bag, and you can´t imagine how horrible is that!). Because there is usually a big change of temperature inside the plane, I also prefer to take a solid concealer and not liquid (also, one of my liquid concealers got bad on a flight, from that day on, always a solid concealer!). I carry my normal podwer for setting my foundation, a bronzer and a set from MAC that has highlighter and blush on the same box, with a mirror.

My pressed podwer from Collection 

This one is Terracotta Bronzer by Guerlain

Hocus Pocus set from the Holiday Collection of 2009 from MAC

Then I have my eyebrow palette (cause I do my eyebrows with eyeshadow), my mascara of the moment and my paint pot from mac that I can use as an eyeshadow. Also I have my lash curler.

My mascara, They´re Real by Benefit
This is my palette fro travelling.

The lash curler from MAC

And for brushes I have a very tiny travel set from Bobbi Brown, that has every brush that I need and I don´t have to carry the big ones.

Mini Brush set from Bobbi Brown, Holiday Collection from 2010

If I need to use any eyeshadow, I like to put on my eyebrow palette a neutral one (like Patina or Satine Taupe) a highlighter (Shroom is my all time favourite) and some black (Carbon is the one that I usually take). But if you can carry a big palette, I like to take with me my Naked 2 palette.

For lips, depending on the day, but I like to have a dark color and a gloss, so I can wear whatever I want in that moment (that usually is the darker color)

So that is what I carry on my bag when I travel, hope you like the post, and see you on the next one! And for those who are travelling soon, safe flight!

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