martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

Sleek Makeup "Romance"

I was expecting for this, and yesterday night I saw it on the Instagram of Cloud10, Sleek Makeup is back for Fall with a new palette and blush!

Finally the new collection of Sleek Makeup for Fall is out, and it´s call "Romance".

The collection has as usually a palette and a blush, this time they didn´t come with anything else.

The blush, Antique, for me is very beautiful. Is a dusty rose tone, and on the web they said that you can use it as highlighter if you apply it on a light way, or like a blush, because the color is buildable, so you can give to your cheeks the intensity you want. They say it fits every skin color.

The palette is for the iDivine collection, is called Vintage Romance. What I like the most of this palettes are the names of the eyeshadows, all with cities from Europe! Love in London, Meet in Madrid, Forever in Florence... So cool! All the colors seems to be in the metallic finish with a great variety from the warm tones to the cold tones. It includes a dark matte tone for giving definition to the eye.

You can get this on the Sleek Makeup Web or in Cloud 10 Beauty Website.

Hope you like the post, see you on the next one!

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