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Little Mix by Collection, all the products!

Hi there!

Well, today it came out the collection, so we can see all the products that the girls of Little Mix have on their new line of makeup.

There are 8 products for each girl ( trio palette, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, nail polish, mascara, loose eyeshadow and a glitter liner) so you can recreate a look for the day and go to a night look without having to use different products.

Let´s going to start with the nail polish.

This ones are the nail polishes by Jesy (Bright red, fast drying in 60 sec) and Jade (Metallic green-gold fast drying too)

This ones are the nail polishes by Perrie (Dark purple color, fast drying) and Leigh-Anne (Coral, fast drying)

This colors by Jade and Perrie are really on trend now (the dark purple and the metallic green) and the red by Jesy is a must have for everyone (under my opinion) and the coral too!

Now let´s move to the Glitter Liners


 This ones are by Jesy and Perrie (Metallic Gold and Black with silver glitter)


And this ones are by Jade and Leigh-Anne (Turquoise and Gold)

Right now the glitter liners are very popular, and it can give you a pop of color on the eyes, and the colors are so beautiful! My favourite is the Turquoise by Jade.

Now we´re going to see the mascaras.

This ones are by Jesy (Gives volume and bold lashes) and Leigh-Anne (natural and defined lashes)


This are from Perrie (Lenghthening formula) and Jade (defined lashes and no clumps)

The next one, the gloss.


This are by Jesy and Leigh-Anne (Sheer Shimmering Pink and Sheer Glittery Pink)

And this ones are by Perrie and Jade (Candy Pink and Sheer Coral)

Neutral colors, so basic. I really like the Jesy´s one!

Now let´s go to the blushes and bronzers.


Jade and Perrie have the blushes (the color from Jade is a very neutral, just to give a natural flush to your cheeks and the color from Perrie is like a soft pink, the one she wears most of the time)


This ones are by Jesy and Leigh-Anne (the bronzer by Jesy can be use for sculpting the face, brows and add color, and the one by Leigh-Anne illuminates and glow finish for the skin)

My favourite is the Jesy´s bronzer.

Next thing, Lipstick.


This are the colors by Jade and Jesy (Soft Red Brown and Bright Red) 


And this are by Leigh-Anne and Perrie (Deep Red and Deep Purple)

All the lipsticks have smooth formula. Hard to choose, I love all of them!

Let´s go to the Dazzle Me Eyeshadow.


Jade and Jesy´s colors (Dark Khaki and Gold)


Leigh-Anne and Perrie´s colors (Bronze and Grey)

This shadows can be applied with a damp brush to get more intense color or by itself.

The bronze color by Leigh-Anne really catch my attention.

And finally, the Trio Palletes.


This ones are by Leigh-Anne and Jade (Golden Nude Shades and Khaki, Bronze and Gold)


This are by Perrie and Jesy (Black with Glitter, Grey and Beige for Perrie and Brown and Bronze shades for Jesy)

My favourite is, without any hesitation, the trio by Perrie.

So, here you have the complete makeup line. Is only avalaible on UK at the moment, so for those who live there, I leave you the link of the official Collection Website.

What do you think about the makeup that the girls made? I think is cool, simple products with neutral colors, on trend all of them, great option for a makeup shopping!

Hope you like the post, see you on the next one!

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