jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

So overwhelmed!

There are 4 new collections of MAC right now on sale, and I love all of them! 

The Baking Beauties, all soft pastel colors, inspired on the decoration of cakes:
My favourite products from this one are the purple lipstick (a soft mauve color) and all the paint pots, they were gorgeous!

Then we have the Temperature Rising collection, all bronze and metallic and shiny colors, amazing for summer!
I love from this one the two nail polishes and the eyeshadows, I´ve swatched a few the other day and the colors were amazing.
Of course, we can forget about one of my favourite collections, In Extra Dimension 

And one that surprise me a lot, because I liked every single product! Nudes and Metallics
And the Fashion Sets! I was looking for the lipstick Silly, but it was sold out... All bright colorful colors... my favourite collection!

The problem is that everything that I liked was sold out... Not funny at all, but well, I´ll be waiting for the next collections coming!
Do you have any favourite of this ones? Tell me!
See you on the next post!

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