domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Bright colors for Spring!

Hi everybody!!

So now, Spring is really here, no more cold days! And with that, the sun and all the flowers around comes one of my favourite times on the year on makeup (even though I keep doing it all the year, but more on this time), is the TIME  to wear BRIGHT LIPSTICK!

Of course you can wear it all the year, but with the sun on top, the colors look more vibrant and shiny, so I think is a really good time to take all that bright neon colors that you have on your drawer and wear it!

I´m very classic for lipsticks, normally red and dark purples are my "go to" color, but now I´ve taken all my favourite bright ones, and I´m going to tell you what I like to use (I warn you, most of them are from MAC, because I am totally addicted to their lipsticks!)

A classic one for me is Impassioned by MAC. It´s a bright pink orangy/coraly color that depending on the person who wears it, it can look more coral or pink. Normally it tends to go to the pink, but on me looks totally coral. I adore this one and I recomend it to everybody! It looks gorgeous on everyone.

Other of my favourites ones is Vegas Volt, by MAC too. Is a coral color, more on the orange side, and it looks so beautiful, most of all on pale skins.

Another one that I love for spring is Chatterbox by MAC. It´s a pale bright pink, and is one of my favourites pink shades from MAC.

And of course, I can forget on the pink shades my two favourite lipsticks from Barry M, numbers 52 and 62, incredibly bright!

And my favourite for this year, absolutely goes to So Chaud by MAC. It´s a orange mate lipstick, but with a tiny bit of red on it, that looks incredible. And if you get tan, I totally recomend you to try this color, it will pop with a tan skin!

And by the moment this are my current favourites lipsticks for this Spring here in London.

Hope you like it! And tell me what are your favourites ones.

See you on the next post!


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